gold ribbon

PRHS validated for Gold Ribbon Status

PRHS received the go-ahead for Gold Ribbon Status on Apr. 5 by judges and administrators from other schools. Less than 5 percent of high schools in California have this distinction.

Coach Loney: Cheering her way into Paso

Stadium lights glow behind her as she flies up into the air and lands into the four pairs of arms of her teammates. This was an everyday scenario from the life of Tori Loney, a new P.E. teacher and varsity cheer coach at PRHS, and now she gets to teach younger girls how to reach the same level of success she has in her sports career.

Voters reject water district

California’s state government has suggested this: enact a water district that can control, maintain, and bill customers for their water use. An estimated 6,000 North County voters rejected the current proposal on March 8, 2016.

The wilderness must be explored

The beating rays of the sun force salty droplets to the surface of skin. Brittle thorns cling to sand-saturated, woolen socks. The soles of 24 boots desperately cling to gravel-coated boulders. But these Paso High field biologists would not change it for anything.

Donald Trump

Con Donald Trump declared his presidential candidacy for the 2016 election on June 16 inside Trump Towers. During that night he spit out some sugar and some spice and some of it wasn’t so nice. Several comment...