Zion Reflections 2017

GEO teacher Mark DiMaggio, seven chaperones and 25 graduating Bearcats embarked on an eight day trip to Zion NP. For DiMaggio, this adventure has asked students to push limits, shed comforts and live a simpler agenda.

It’s gettin’ hot in here

Human activity is the prime suspect of damage to the environment. Actions as simple as driving a car, using plastic bags, and flushing the toilet can greatly harm the earth. However, these habits can be broken over time in order to save our planet from something that slowly eats away at it day by day: climate change.

Julia Schulte: Not throwing away her shot

Senior puts her foot in every door on campus After clambering out of the yellow van, which her family calls “the Banana Slug,” senior Julia Schulte happily strolls to drama teacher Marcy Goodnow’s classroom, j...

Oh hail no

GEO hikers experience unexpected weather and adventure in the Pinnacles Mail men aren’t the only people who will work through sun, rain, sleet, hail and snow. In fact, for members of the PRHS Global Environmen...