Death Sentence

Death-the bitter end of a sweet sunny sky of life-or was it a sweet sky? In this debate, whether a prisoner should be punished or not by death is discussed.

Addressing the protest

Administration is keeping a careful eye out for injustice, prejudice and backlash against student groups during school hours, the ultimate goal being campus-wide security for as many Bearcats as possible.

Teaching equality

The Women’s March was one of the largest peaceful one-day demonstrations ever, according to U.S. Uncut. With an increase in societal pressure to grant women equal rights, coupled with the worldwide protests for immigrants’ rights, gender equality is at the forefront of the fight for human rights.

Planned Parenthood defunded

By defunding Planned Parenthood, millions of people are facing loss in healthcare. The program will not be able to help the 2,840,000 people annually that it supports now.

Find your stance

Crimson staff encourages adolescents to unlock the power of their own minds and dig deep into the controversies that plague today's politics. This is the time to form opinions built from self discovery and respectable evidence.

Hear our voices

I marched in the San Luis Obispo Women's March on January 21, and I have never felt more proud of who I am. I marched for hundreds of reasons but the main one being the need for equal human rights.