It takes patience

In the face of adversity, we have two routes. We can take the effort to make a change, or we can come to terms with the irrefutable state of things. In the case of campus wide changes in policy at PRHS, students have failed to do either, opting for rebellion and complaints. As a staff, we urge them: have patience. Change is always difficult, but time heals all wounds, and it will heal the upset between students and admin.


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A beefy situation

Beef production raises many questions regarding economic, environmental, and even moral hazards. Here, vegetarians and 4H students voice their opinions on the issue.

Death Sentence

Death-the bitter end of a sweet sunny sky of life-or was it a sweet sky? In this debate, whether a prisoner should be punished or not by death is discussed.

Addressing the protest

Administration is keeping a careful eye out for injustice, prejudice and backlash against student groups during school hours, the ultimate goal being campus-wide security for as many Bearcats as possible.