gold ribbon

PRHS validated for Gold Ribbon Status

PRHS received the go-ahead for Gold Ribbon Status on Apr. 5 by judges and administrators from other schools. Less than 5 percent of high schools in California have this distinction.

Give me a B-O-Y!

B-O-Y! What does that spell? BOY! Varsity cheer is getting their first boy cheerleader this upcoming season and his name is Ethan Carmon Lundrone.

Tardies and phone use spur policy review

Teachers met on a Mar. 15 staff development day to discuss consistent, enforceable tardy and cell phone policies. Attendance Office records show that 3.5 percent of students are tardy to first period--leading to over 11,000 tardy incidents since August--and 82 percent of teachers see student punctuality as a problem, according to an informal survey of 11 PRHS teachers.

Adolescentes saben una cosa o dos de inmigración

Estudiantes de Avid se reunieron en Bearcat Hall para celebrar un seminario socrático sobre temas como la inmigración y las redadas de ICE. La discusión fue madura mientras los estudiantes escuchaban las preguntas y opiniones de los demás.

PRJUSD approves green renovations

Nearly $10 million in district, water, utility, and energy costs for the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District are expected to be saved over the next 30 years with a new deal with Opterra Energy Services approved by the PRJUSD board of trustees...The project will renovate district utilities and replace them with more modern, environmentally friendly, and cheap alternatives.