gold ribbon

PRHS validated for Gold Ribbon Status

PRHS received the go-ahead for Gold Ribbon Status on Apr. 5 by judges and administrators from other schools. Less than 5 percent of high schools in California have this distinction.

Senior Trad Berti: 4:10 mile , first in CA, school record

Senior Trad Berti ran the mile in 4:10.55 at the New Balance Azusa Meet of Champions the weekend of March 25-26, rocketing him to 1st in the state and possibly 3rd in the nation. He has the fastest PRHS 1600m time in history with nearly a 10 second margin over past PRHS record holders.

Brains behind the Brain Class

Through their studies and learning material, Psychology teacher Jenny Martinez and her students declare that the adolescent mind needs to learn how to accept the trails of life, and show empathy and understanding toward peers.

Learning to be seen with an invisible illness

Purple stamps in the shapes of stars and hearts adorn sophomore Lilia Fuller’s light lavender walls as she sits in front of the camera, poised and ready to begin her latest Youtube video. However, today, Fuller has decided to mix things up a bit by reading to her viewers what she calls "A Letter to my Fibromyalgia."

Broadening young horizons

World travel can change your point of view and offer a new perspective. Listen as Bearcats share their worldly experiences and new world perspectives.