That’s what Bearcats DID

The week of homecoming at PRHS is a festive affair, filled with pep and anticipation for the big game. This year, an aura of generosity and altruism accompanied the event. For the first time in history, PRHS decided to sponsor a charity, the chosen being the Make a Wish Foundation, with homecoming. Other schools have had similar ideas, and ASB president and senior Josh Dewhurst was inspired by them.

Coach Loney: Cheering her way into Paso

Stadium lights glow behind her as she flies up into the air and lands into the four pairs of arms of her teammates. This was an everyday scenario from the life of Tori Loney, a new P.E. teacher and varsity cheer coach at PRHS, and now she gets to teach younger girls how to reach the same level of success she has in her sports career.