Learning to be seen with an invisible illness

Purple stamps in the shapes of stars and hearts adorn sophomore Lilia Fuller’s light lavender walls as she sits in front of the camera, poised and ready to begin her latest Youtube video. However, today, Fuller has decided to mix things up a bit by reading to her viewers what she calls "A Letter to my Fibromyalgia."

Battle like a Bearcat

Sophomore Amanda Snowbargers's journey through Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia has not stopped her from being the person she is.

What the teenage mind needs

Four stellar bearcats were interviewed about what it means to be a teenager in modern time. The teen mind is something that has needs that need to be fulfilled by ourselves, family, friends, as well as school. These bearcats offer their insights as to how we fulfill those needs.

That’s what Bearcats DID

PRHS raises over $8000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation during Homecoming The week of homecoming at PRHS is a festive affair, filled with pep and anticipation for the big game. This year, an aura of generosity and a...

Coach Loney: Cheering Her Way into Paso

A look into cheer coach Loney's life Stadium lights glow behind her as she flies up into the air and lands into the four pairs of arms of her teammates. This was an everyday scenario from the life of Tori Lone...