A face behind twisted and glazed

As you walk into the little shop on the corner of 15th and Spring, you can’t help but breathe in and absorb the aroma of freshly made donuts, the comforting atmosphere that surrounds you as you step foot through the door having been carefully crafted by every little piece of decor that adds to the warmth to the place.

Spreading their wings

Sophomore Sophia Baer and senior Morgan La Mascus have found a way to ascend everyday responsibilities toward earning their pilot’s licenses. They take flying lessons with instructor Sonjia Johnston and are trained in the technical aspects of flying, maneuvering skills, and aeronautical decision making.

Learning to be seen with an invisible illness

Purple stamps in the shapes of stars and hearts adorn sophomore Lilia Fuller’s light lavender walls as she sits in front of the camera, poised and ready to begin her latest Youtube video. However, today, Fuller has decided to mix things up a bit by reading to her viewers what she calls "A Letter to my Fibromyalgia."
sophia velasquez

What the teenage mind needs

Four stellar bearcats were interviewed about what it means to be a teenager in modern time. The teen mind is something that has needs that need to be fulfilled by ourselves, family, friends, as well as school. These bearcats offer their insights as to how we fulfill those needs.

That’s what Bearcats DID

The week of homecoming at PRHS is a festive affair, filled with pep and anticipation for the big game. This year, an aura of generosity and altruism accompanied the event. For the first time in history, PRHS decided to sponsor a charity, the chosen being the Make a Wish Foundation, with homecoming. Other schools have had similar ideas, and ASB president and senior Josh Dewhurst was inspired by them.