Taste Buns: Burger edition

The Taste Buds have opted for savory burgers and fries. We visited Bronco Burger, Sylvester’s Burgers, J’s Burgers, and Good Times Cafe. After all was said and done, we pick Sylvester’s...

Taste Buds: Donut sleep on these tasty treats

We have close to 20 donut shops in SLO County, but we decided to put the best of the best to the test. The Taste Buds visited Twisted and Glazed, Slo Do Co, Dolly’s Donuts, and Sunshine Donuts to see what they all had to offer. We compared the taste of the donuts, the affordability, atmosphere, and service on a one to five scale to see which shop came out on top.

Taste Buds: How these cookies crumble

Paso Robles is chock full of stores and restaurants in which customers can buy cookies of all different costs, tastes, textures, and sizes. Through the event in which I and two others went to each location and rated, on a scale of one to five, the taste of cookies, service, atmosphere of store, and affordability, we’ve deemed Batch the crowning cookie shop with a total rate of 4.8 out of 5.

Foods for a Strict Diet

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free students at a loss for food options at PRHS Chicken sandwiches, bean burritos, and pizza slices are offered everyday at the cafeteria, but vegetarian bacon, gluten free bread...

Skipping meals, facing consequences

Your parents might have told you that skipping breakfast was bad for you, but after a quick google search, you have a cluster of websites arguing that skipping the most important meal of the day might help ...

Not your average restaurant

Centrally Grown stuns the Central Coast with down to earth foods and atmospheres After opening their doors to the grounds in January 2014 and to their restaurant in May 2014 Centrally Grown has provi...

Fast Food for $5

Taco Bell Taco Bell is an easy, quick andinexpensive way to get a meal when you’re low on cash or running late for work but still need to eat. Whether you are just craving one of Taco Bell’s Beefy nach...
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Butterbeer hails from the hallmarked halls of Hogwarts and the world of Harry Potter. It is synonymous with cold weather and is a rich drink that could help warm you up on the coldest of days. This warm, creamy, butterscotch drink is great to make with friends because it is easy to share and makes for fun times.