Here comes the rain (again)

After years of wishing "Rain, rain come again!" Californian's finally got their wish. Although we aren't out of the drought yet, we are out of "dangerous drought state".

It’s gettin’ hot in here

Human activity is the prime suspect of damage to the environment. Actions as simple as driving a car, using plastic bags, and flushing the toilet can greatly harm the earth. However, these habits can be broken over time in order to save our planet from something that slowly eats away at it day by day: climate change.

The Road Less Traveled

Trailblazer Marcus DiMaggio discovers minimalism as the key to preserving our environment. Bristling pines, stirring wildlife and panging muscles were all that adventurer Marcus Dimaggio knew as he took on the...

Feeding the firefighters

Once word of the Chimney Fire spread, many of San Luis Obispo’s citizens jumped to aid the fire firefighters in the county. Guyla Adams partook in barbeque for the firefighters with other volunteers.

The bee’s knees

Bees don’t have knees, but they do have needs. These bugs rely on plants to make honey and keep nature balanced. Bees are a critical factor to our environment and without them we may lose the plants that bees pollinate, and all of the animals that eat those plants and so on.

Climate change

Climate change is the greatest environmental concern the world has ever seen. But what is powering this juggernaut? With the help of retired astrophysicist Ray Weymann, we try to provide simple answers to some of the big questions of climate change.

Voters reject water district

California’s state government has suggested this: enact a water district that can control, maintain, and bill customers for their water use. An estimated 6,000 North County voters rejected the current proposal on March 8, 2016.