Taste Buns: Burger edition

The Taste Buds have opted for savory burgers and fries. We visited Bronco Burger, Sylvester’s Burgers, J’s Burgers, and Good Times Cafe. After all was said and done, we pick Sylvester’s...

A Mental Breakdown of Mr. Robot

USA Network’s psychological thriller digs deep into the human faculties. The USA Network’s hit drama Mr. Robot has branched out like no other due to an unrivaled on-screen portrayal of one man’s mental flaws ...

Tell Me I’m Pretty

While Cage the Elephant's three previous albums seemed a perfect blend of organized chaos, what with lead singer Matt Shultz’s notable incoherent screaming at various times and breathless vocals paired with hodgepodge instrumentals, their recent Grammy awarded album Tell Me I’m Pretty shows a more mature, refined quartet.

Logan marks Wolverine’s’ return to the screen

Mutants haven't been born in decades; that is until a mysterious little girl who has more than a few things in common with our favorite mutant turns up. Logan takes us on a wild journey with epic brawls and a rediscovery of who the Wolverine is.

Taste Buds: Donut sleep on these tasty treats

We have close to 20 donut shops in SLO County, but we decided to put the best of the best to the test. The Taste Buds visited Twisted and Glazed, Slo Do Co, Dolly’s Donuts, and Sunshine Donuts to see what they all had to offer. We compared the taste of the donuts, the affordability, atmosphere, and service on a one to five scale to see which shop came out on top.

Dance Show 2017

PRHS performing arts dancers from Jazz N Company, apprentices, as well as intermediate, put on a spectacular performance on March 9, 10, and 11. All 21 dance routines of the night carried a theme of "I am", whi...

A tail wagger and tear jerker

This novel offers a new perspective on our furry friends, and is packed with emotion, humor, and warmth. It remained a New York Times bestseller for 49 weeks following its release. The love expressed by fans for this book has proven time and time again its status as a must-read, and one that will change any reader's life.