Matthew Horne

Senior Matthew Horne is the one who leads from the front. Doing well is sports and academics, Horne truly is a super senior.

Senior College Essays 2017

Seniors Sadie Mae Mace, Christopher Garcia, Averi Kerr, and Mary Gregory each crafted a short essay to send to their preferred future college, giving the schools a glimpse into the people they are. While their time at PRHS quickly draws to a close, these soon-to-be Bearcat alumni students' journeys have just begun.

Need for athletes to give back

There is a major need for all athletes to give back to their communities. Those who participate in athletics are put on a pedestal and are looked up to by younger kids who play sports, and I can testify to this. When I was in elementary and middle school, stand-out players such as Thomas Bernal (class of 2010), Jacob Searcy (class of 2011), and Elias Stokes (class of 2012) were all people that I highly regarded and wanted to be like when I entered high school.