No kidding around

Taylor Pafumi, Alex Jenks, and Carina Ezzell earned gold, bronze and silver at the 207 state SkillsUSA competition. Each competed in Early Childhood Education and are enrolled in BearKittens at PRHS.

Judged for my politics

Since last year's election, PRHS has been plagued with a political divide; although already somewhat present, this separation has intensely grown to the point of death threats, offensive social media posts, and verbal feuds. These repercussions aren't exclusive to just one side of the political spectrum. Whether students identify as a democrat, republican, socialist, libertarian, rightist, leftist, or anything else, each can find themself in the 53 percent of students who have been judged for their politics.

Getting back in the groove

Spring sports teams are coordinating to preview their seasons on Saturday, Feb. 25. After the events, a tri tip meal will be sold as a fundraiser for the teams.
sophia velasquez

What the teenage mind needs

Four stellar bearcats were interviewed about what it means to be a teenager in modern time. The teen mind is something that has needs that need to be fulfilled by ourselves, family, friends, as well as school. These bearcats offer their insights as to how we fulfill those needs.

Taste Buds: How these cookies crumble

Paso Robles is chock full of stores and restaurants in which customers can buy cookies of all different costs, tastes, textures, and sizes. Through the event in which I and two others went to each location and rated, on a scale of one to five, the taste of cookies, service, atmosphere of store, and affordability, we’ve deemed Batch the crowning cookie shop with a total rate of 4.8 out of 5.