Trad Berti

 Senior Trad Berti has broken six school records in cross country and track during his four years on the teams.  In cross country, the records were broken at the Arroyo Grande, Morro Bay, Stanford and Clovis me...

Bearcats working out

A poll taken of 100 Bearcats and how they exercise. Five students also demonstrating how some exercises are completed.

Technically Speaking

Wrestling with Juan Camacho Click for Juan's technical methods Wrestling is one of the most popular high school sports among boys in the US with more than 270,000 boys from public and private high schools....

Cuban food, good music, and happy smiles

A fundraiser for JOOI (Jr Optimist) club took place in PRHS parking lot Wednesday, Febuary 25. Tickets were sold for food from Cubanissimo , an authentic Cuban food truck run by Arqui and Crystal Trenado. A  Be...

Good Peers Lead to a Good Conscience

Have you noticed you feel happier around happy people? Well, you're certainly not alone. Science shows that being around joyful people has more of an affect on you than you think.