Spreading their wings

Sophomore Sophia Baer and senior Morgan La Mascus have found a way to ascend everyday responsibilities toward earning their pilot’s licenses. They take flying lessons with instructor Sonjia Johnston and are trained in the technical aspects of flying, maneuvering skills, and aeronautical decision making.

Rodeo riders racing for recognition

Rodeo competitors, juniors Ryan Jennings and Riley Gajdos, describe the opportunities from competing in rodeo sports, which include a chance of participating with a college rodeo team after high school graduation, or transitioning straight into professional rodeo

Students protest travel ban, wall

Around 300 students of all nationalities swelled, chanted, and raised signs under the awning at lunch Thursday, Feb. 16 to hold a protest on equal rights for immigrants. The marchers walked from the PRHS quad to the sidewalk by the front of the school, where passing cars on Niblick Rd. honked horns in support and students cheered.

Brains behind the Brain Class

Through their studies and learning material, Psychology teacher Jenny Martinez and her students declare that the adolescent mind needs to learn how to accept the trails of life, and show empathy and understanding toward peers.

John Rucker

MENTOR ON THE SCENE: Audio Video Productions teacher John Rucker shares his pride for the Dang/Lewis duo and their work....

Aaliyah Lewis

BEHIND THE SCENES: Senior Aaliyah Lewis has learned skills include editing, film techniques, and color correcting....

Brina Dang

A PEEK THROUGH THE LENS: Junior Brina Dang's passion for filmmaking originated in middle school when she began her YouTube channel....

Girls on film

AV3 students junior Brina Dang and senior Aaliyah Lewis will be debuting their short film "Not Enough" in a student dramatic film contest at the 2017 SLO International Film Festival.

Find your stance

Crimson staff encourages adolescents to unlock the power of their own minds and dig deep into the controversies that plague today's politics. This is the time to form opinions built from self discovery and respectable evidence.