Senior Issue

Senior Issue 2015-2016 Crimson bids bon voyage to a crowd of seniors worthy of coverage. After campus voting on candidates, staff discussion, and studies of student contributions, Crimson writers and designers...

Drone driven farming

A San Francisco-based company DroneDeploy just teamed alongside, a leader in agricultural equipment, CNH Industrial to create an agricultural drone that will turn farming into a data-driven profession. These drones, equipped with RGB and filter technology, let farmers detect parasites and fungi, generate variable rate prescriptions for nitrogen and pesticides, negotiate fair crop loss percentages, and assess clean up after natural disasters.

Senior sale a success

Students gathered in the gym to bid on seniors in a live auction on Tuesday, March 28 and Wednesday March 29. Around 40 seniors sold amounting in a total of $413 and all proceeds went to the schools scholarship foundation, according to senior Tobias Mäder.

Winter pep rally recap

The Winter assembly featured performances by advanced dance, intermediate drama, and the new program Stunt cheerleading. Wilderness Club and FFA were also involved with a tent building competition and a boot race. Click here to see photos from the assembly.

A movie to make you believe in musicals

La La Land is the story of two struggling artists in Hollywood that, on their hard journey to fame, come upon each other. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play Mia and Sebastian in a musical you must see.

Drama Club announcement

Audition workshop for The Little Mermaid to be hosted Junior Raegan Lomanto in the historical fall play, The Orphan Train. Drama Club is hosting an audition workshop on Thursday, Dec.15, for the spring mus...

Jena Corea: Balancing Act

Senior Jena Corea gives back through leadership Her favorite color is a happy yellow. Not a regular yellow, but a happy yellow. Because she isn’t a regular Jena Corea, she’s a happy Jena. Her lucky number is...