Leo Award Winners

A list of all of the Leos award winners of the year. Includes photos of spring sports winners.

It’s that time of year: Wine for Paws

This weekend, April 8-9,"over 70 participating winery's" in the 9th annual Wine for Paws fundraiser. Local homeless animals need the community to pull together and help raise funds.

Death Sentence

Death-the bitter end of a sweet sunny sky of life-or was it a sweet sky? In this debate, whether a prisoner should be punished or not by death is discussed.

Females are Taking Care of Business

An attempt to gain free feminine hygiene dispensers on campus is currently being led by senior students Samantha Gonzalas, Kylie Managan, Anika Perez and Aubrey Cleveland. Forty-nine percent of campus has the potential to benefit from inserting dispensers into the student restrooms. The movement, Taking Care of Business, currently has a survey available on their Instagram and Facebook, and have a petition circulating on campus.

Now is your chance to get involved

Yearly Club Expo is Here The positive influences of clubs and community involvement sprouted up this January 27. Incoming freshman flooded the quad with their smiling faces and ecstatic to become Bearcats as...

The Road Less Traveled

Trailblazer Marcus DiMaggio discovers minimalism as the key to preserving our environment. Bristling pines, stirring wildlife and panging muscles were all that adventurer Marcus Dimaggio knew as he took on the...

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a time for people with disabilities, ranging from kids to adults, to participate in a variety of sports and activities they may not have been exposed to in their day to day life.