Bearcat track athletes advance to finals

The Bearcat track team competed in the Pac 8 Prelims on Friday, April 28, and 21 athletes qualified for Finals. The will race again on Thursday, May 4, and the top three Varsity runners will move onto CIF.

Taste Buns: Burger edition

The Taste Buds have opted for savory burgers and fries. We visited Bronco Burger, Sylvester’s Burgers, J’s Burgers, and Good Times Cafe. After all was said and done, we pick Sylvester’s...

Appropriation vs appreciation

There's a fine line between appreciation and appropriation, and this line can be difficult to distinguish without the proper education. Without any connection to a certain culture, it is seen to be ignorant and disrespectful to indulge in aspects of it. To avoid this, a suitable understanding and respect for other cultures must be obtained before they can be celebrated.

PRHS Mock Trial team wraps up season

The PRHS mock trail team fought in a prosecution on Jan 28th and Feb first and second against SLO, Templeton, Mission Prep, and Coast Union high schools. The case was about human trafficking and false imprisonment. Following a valiant effort, the team lost with a close score.

A tail wagger and tear jerker

This novel offers a new perspective on our furry friends, and is packed with emotion, humor, and warmth. It remained a New York Times bestseller for 49 weeks following its release. The love expressed by fans for this book has proven time and time again its status as a must-read, and one that will change any reader's life.

It’s gettin’ hot in here

Human activity is the prime suspect of damage to the environment. Actions as simple as driving a car, using plastic bags, and flushing the toilet can greatly harm the earth. However, these habits can be broken over time in order to save our planet from something that slowly eats away at it day by day: climate change.

Returning to Stars Hollow

After years of anxious anticipation, Gilmore Girls fans were greeted by obsessive coffee drinking, awful eating habits, and witty banter in the revival released on November 25, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.