Senior Advice

High school can be a place of countless opportunities to grow and learn, whether that be through classes, clubs, or team sports. Though our senior class is leaving, here is what a few seniors had to say as fina...

Bearcat swim competes at CIF

Eight Bearcat boys, including one foreign exchange student, traveled to Riverside to face off against top end high school competition Thursday May 12, the week after placing fourth in PAC 8 league finals.

Bearcats swim to the finish

The PRHS Bearcat swim team swam its way to 4th place in the PAC 8 league finals this spring, with 17 CIF qualifying times, 2 new school records, and 2 league champions.

Planning ahead for stress relief

The bell rings promptly at 3:02, and I’m more than eager to get home. The walk back from school can be relaxing, with hopes of a snack and possibly a nap getting closer with every step towards home. Reaching my doorstep, I take my backpack and reach for my key, where those early wishes of relaxation are shattered instantly against a harsh reality: homework.

LGBTQ treatment around the world

A look at the global fight for equal rights Across the nation, the issue of equal rights for members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and others) community remains a constant battle. However, acros...

2016 SLO Relays

Rain pelted San Luis Obispo where at 9 AM the Paso swim team rushed to their lanes and warmed up for the 2016 SLO relays. The boys placed 4th overall in the meet and the girls team placed 3rd.

Municipal maintenance

Municipal Pool closed for renovations this upcoming spring Municipal pool will be closing this February to maintain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and to issue a full report to the community. ...

Boys JV ties Righetti Warriors

JV boys faced off against the Righetti Warriors Feb. 12, leading the game 2-1 at half. The boys lost the lead in the last half of the game, finishing with a score of 2-2.