Bearcats sunk by Pirates

The Bearcats boys water polo team lost to the Santa Ynez Pirates on Thursday night, with a final score of 4-21. Senior Zach Tucker scored two points in the second quarter, senior John Nash scored one point in t...

Addressing the protest

Administration is keeping a careful eye out for injustice, prejudice and backlash against student groups during school hours, the ultimate goal being campus-wide security for as many Bearcats as possible.

The Lions of PRHS

PRHS student athletes recognized on Monday, Feb 27 for their sportsmanship, leadership skills and overall ability as a participant in winter sports.

After the boom

Life was very different back in the day for the generation of yesterday, with yesterday’s technology, social standard and non-conformist beliefs. Cultures rose, trends were set, politics rose and fell with the international tide. Everything they did, everything they fought for, everything they believed in, set the stage on the generation of today. And as the house lights fade and the curtain is drawn on 2017, the world waits in angst to see how we will write history like the generations before us.