Natalie Cole: “Freedom”

It was dark today.  Granted, the darkness has been around ever since I could remember. Today even the light from the hole was dimmed.  As I grew closer I could see the reason why the others were casting the...

Spencer Anderson: The mountains we climb

I understand that words will never adequately facilitate the visualization of the world I entered, so I would encourage anyone who can recognize truth in my experiences to pursue a similar adventure. It doesn't have to be unclaimed peaks, just any place that is quiet enough to notice the perfectness, consciousness, and reality of our world.

Kaelynn Stolz: Fiore

In starting the Hero’s Journey essay, I was unsure in I would truly gain any redeeming qualities. Looking back after writing the short story, I am now aware to how important acceptance and tolerance of individuals is to me. I believe that tolerance needs to be more prominent in society.

Raegan Lomanto: “Not a cancer story”

"My hero's journey project is much, much, much, much longer than the desired length (1250 words). But I am very proud of my work. I attempted a Holden Caulfield style of narration, and I really enjoyed the process and the end result. The stream of conciousness style of writing made the story much more genuine and honest, in my opinion. So, even though my story is long, I think it sort of needed to be in order to tell the story the way I wanted to. "

Emmaline Voorheis: “A note from Fear”

In this story, my main goal was to capture the character of fear as something very real, and yet something that isn’t really as sinister as we make it out to be. I wanted fear to be a character that only plays a small role in our own lives as humans, and the fact that almost every fear we have is blown up in our own minds, made something much bigger than it could have been. I think this story did it well, and I only wish I had more time to develop a longer, more descriptive plotline, a story more with the length of a book than a short English project. Overall, though, I am proud of my story and it’s message to those that read it. I think it is a valuable message that can be applied in times of fear.

Bearcats sunk by Pirates

The Bearcats boys water polo team lost to the Santa Ynez Pirates on Thursday night, with a final score of 4-21. Senior Zach Tucker scored two points in the second quarter, senior John Nash scored one point in t...