Joe Ontiveros’ “Tools to Success”

Joe Ontiveros, entrepreneur and owner of Joe's Place, shares the skills needed to succeed in life Self-employed business owner Joe Ontiveros spoke out at tutorial in Bearcat Hall about the skills needed to suc...

Hear our voices

I marched in the San Luis Obispo Women's March on January 21, and I have never felt more proud of who I am. I marched for hundreds of reasons but the main one being the need for equal human rights.

San Luis Obispo Women’s March

Thousands of people participate in the Women's March on Washington Sister March Over 7,000 people gathered on January 21  in the downtown park in San Luis Obispo at 10 a.m in support of women, members of the L...

A delayed review for a delayed album

It took Frank Ocean four years to release a new album. I chose to mimic his actions and take over three months to get around to writing a review for the album. Let me just say, the anticipation up to the release was relentless and exhausting.

UC Berkeley Presentation

Erica Quintor, representative from UC Berkeley's freshman admissions, presented in Bearcat Hall on September 14th. The one hour presentation consisted of application tips such as how to apply and what to exp...