Give me a B-O-Y!

B-O-Y! What does that spell? BOY! Varsity cheer is getting their first boy cheerleader this upcoming season and his name is Ethan Carmon Lundrone.

Death Sentence

Death-the bitter end of a sweet sunny sky of life-or was it a sweet sky? In this debate, whether a prisoner should be punished or not by death is discussed.

Playing ball throughout life

"Ball is life" goes the saying, these bearcats: Rusty Cohen, Jorge Magdonal, Atiana Stratman, and David Gonzales; bring benefits to their lives by playing ball throughout theirs.

Tribune All League

The First Teams named by the coaches and what they thought was the best part of the season. Second Teams: Girls Volley Ball: Tegan Curren, Gaby Morrison Boys Water Polo: Zach Tucker Football Second ...