Coach Oetting works hard and plays hard with the JV Girl’s Soccer team

With a joyous yellow shirt tied around his cap and a bright smileon his face, Coach Will Oetting adds smiles to the faces of the PRHS JV Girl’s Soccer team.  Through cheerful motivation, Oetting helps the girls learn and surpass the goals they set for themselves while making them laugh.

“My favorite thing about Coach Oetting is his humor,” Junior Brittany Krivinko said with a laugh, “He acts like us.”

Oetting shares his humor with his daughter, Junior Emily Oetting, who was the reason he began coaching.  Through coaching her for eleven years, Oetting knows to does his best to work hard and play harder with the girls.  Having played soccer for 35 years, Oetting knows all the tips and tricks to soccer and coaching; so PRHS contacted Oetting two years ago and offered him the position of JV Girl’s Soccer coach becasue of all the work he had done with his daughter’s team before hand.

“I wanted to give back to the community and pass on some of the information I’ve learned over the years,” Oetting said, “You have no idea how unlimited their [the girl’s] potential is.  And I try to make them realize that.”

Oetting always smiles with glee when talking about his team, according to Emily Oetting, “He always comes home really happy,” Emily Oetting said, “He’s always happy when he talks about the girls.”

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