Stranger things continues to win the hearts of viewers with season 2

Since Stranger Things came out, I’ve been in love.  For over a year, I’ve waited patiently (sort of) for season 2 to come around.  And it did not disappoint.  Season 2 of Stranger Things still held it’s magical and nostalgic feel, despite evolving into a much grander story.

The second season is certainly darker, this time with an even greater threat.  Despite escaping the Upside Down, will is still flashing back and forth between the two worlds. Eventually, the “shadow monster” takes over Will’s body like a parasite, and will cannot be trusted by anyone.  Eleven, still alive finds out many secrets that have been kept from her, all the while becoming stronger and more in touch with her powers.  Steve becomes a new personal favorite, no longer an average 80’s jock; but the team mom.

By the end, the entire team fights off the “demadogs” and shadow monster in an epic battle against good and evil.  With the gate to the upside down now closed, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Mike, and newly joined party member max head off to the Snowball, where we finally get a kiss from Mike and Eleven.  

The show uses just enough 80’s stereotypes to make it all the more fabulous, with odes to classics like Jurassic Park, The Goonies, Alien, Firestarter and E.T.

Along with the fabulous acting, production, and story of Stranger Things the music is phenomenal. Oingo Boingo, the Clash, and The Romantics all add to the magic of the show. Stranger Things will continue to live on as one of the best Netflix Originals of all time.

If your’e a fan of classical 80’s movies, music, and fashion then Stranger Things is the show for you.



Just strange enough
One of the best Netflix Originals, Stranger Things is both visually and emotionally fulfilling
Screen Writing
  • Loose ends are tied up from season 1
  • Nostalgic in the best way
  • Amazing story
  • Too much emotion
  • Not enough Steve time
  • Minor plot holes
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