Thor comes smashing into theaters and shocking the crowd with excitement.

Thor Ragnarok, the third movie in the Thor series, shows the hidden comedic side of Chris Hemsworth which was absent in the first two films.

Describing that he is on a quest to find infinity stones, Thor begins by explaining how he has gotten himself trapped in a cage by the fire demon, Sultar. Sultar then informs Thor that Odin his father has left Asgard and Asgard will be destroyed in Ragnarock.

Once Thor gets back to Asgard and notices Loki shape shifted version of Odin. As Thor heads to find his father Odin with his brother, the god of mischief, portrayed by Tom Hiddleson, they Hela arrives with her dark and demonly stag antlers coming out of her head. Thor and Loki start to escape through the portal and Hela gets in and forces them out and into the planet Sakaar. Thor then is taken by a lady and put into a arena to fight the Grandmaster’s portrayed by Jeff Goldblum champion, Hulk played by Mark Ruffalo.

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After the fight Thor now knows he really needs to get back to Asgard, so he then tries to enlist the help from Hulk, but Hulk rejects. Thor breaks free from the room and tries to leave in ship, but Hulk doesn’t want him to leave and turns back into Bruce Banner and he decides to come with Thor. Thor with the help from Loki, Hulk, and an alcoholic Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson head back to Asgard to to take on Hela for the final battle. Thor Ragnarok is the best Thor movie in the franchise. The movie made $122.7 million in the opening weekend smashing out the competition. Thor has some much suspense and action that leave you wanting more. The Hulk and Thor duo gives you a sense of laughter that the two strongest Avengers are working together to fight one enemy. Most people will say that a sequels are never better than the original, but Thor Ragnarok gives that a run for its money. According to New York Times “ Mr. Hemsworth looks happier and far more relaxed in “Ragnarok” than he did in the previous Thor vehicles, which is perhaps Mr. Waititi’s truest achievement here.” I feel like Chris Hemsworth has finally got the feel for Thor not like how he was in the first two. Thor Ragnarok has came and and topped all the other marvel movies that came out in 2017. Logan is the only one that came close to Thor Ragnarok. Thor put on a great show showing comedy, action and suspense  intertwined to create a top of the line movie. I recommend this movie to anyone that wants to watch a movie for their money worth’s.

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Thor, the God of Good Movies
Thor Ragnarock really shows that it is the top Thor movie that has been made.
  • Action
  • Funny jokes
  • Great after credit scenes
  • Some jokes feel a little bit pushed.
4.7Overall Score
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