Artist Logic writes the album dedicated to ‘Everybody’ and confronts controversial issues

The newly released Logic album ‘Everybody’ is confronting controversial topics like politics, homophobia, and race. With this being his third studio

album, Logic, is writing about issues his audience has never heard him talk about before. More specifically he talks about how he himself as a biracial man, growing up looking white but feeling black and how that has been difficult for him. In a majority of his songs, he raps about being biracial and he especially writes about in the fifth song ‘Take It Back’.

“Everybody wanna tell me what I am, what I am not / You ain’t white you are… white boy”.

Along with issues of race, Logic wrote the song ‘1-800-273-8255’, which spoke about depression. A subject that rappers don’t see to talk about often. The song
aptly named after the National Suicide Prevention Hotline has raised awareness about depression. So much so that, calls for the hotline has increased by 33 percent and the hotline is seeing three times the activity on social media. “We had the second-highest call volume in the history of our service the day of the song’s release,” said John Draper, who has been director of NSPL for 13 years. Critics of the album say that the song is too heavy on race and that Logic is “complaining” about being biracial. Logic, however, pushes a message of equality and unity: “Over time the tracks became about everyone. You look on the album cover, everybody. Who’s this album for? Everybody. What perspective am I rapping from? Everybody. I wanted to make it more about that [and] not make it try to make it a fight about what’s going on in my life,” the rapper stated in an interview with HardKnockTV.

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Overall the album was a very conceptual, which is nothing new from Logic. I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and the fact that he was on the album was a nice surprise. The best thing about the album is the message. Peace, Love, and Positivity
  • The messasge
  • The beats
  • Conceptually great
  • Logic almost seems to hate his white side
  • Begs for black approval
  • Because of the message, it makes critiques seem bad, which they are not
4.0Overall Score
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