GEO describes the revelations and observations made at Zion National Park

From the pristine rivulets that meet and divulge at the Emerald Pools, to the jagged crevices and crags found at West Rim, to the blanket of chalky red plains at the Hop Valley Trail, Utah’s Zion National Park is home to some of the world’s most untouched scenery.  On May 29, GEO teacher Mark DiMaggio, seven chaperones and 25 graduating Bearcats embarked on an eight day trip to Zion National Park.

GEO Teacher Mark DiMaggio

For DiMaggio, this unrivaled topography has been a chance for his students to push their limits, shed their comforts and live a simpler agenda, for the past 23 years running the class.

“The experience is physically challenging, sure. But this class is for seniors only, and for the moments in their lives where they are all only 10 days from graduating, it marks this giant turning point,” DiMaggio said. “It’s all of your friends who are working together while on these monster climbs and experiencing these different conditions – all the tension is released.”

It can be scary to stare down the uncharted paths one will take in just a few short weeks, but Zion has lead them to the end of the trail, and its views did not disappoint.

Below are reflections from graduating seniors, depicting their revelations made throughout the trip. Enjoy.

  • Samuel Collins
  • Taylor Hargrave
  • Sydnie Esser
  • Grant Scheiffele
  • Jake Van Wiggeren
  • Regan Dobroth

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