Elementary children practiced their talents through song

As little feet scurried their way onto the bus and then congregated in the PRHS gym on May 4, elementary students from Georgia Brown, Bauer Speck, Winifred Pifer, Pat Butler, Kermit King and Virginia Peterson chattered with excitement about the assembly, where they would learn choir songs and breathing techniques. The children were seated on the rows and awaited for Clinician Colleen Wall to begin the assembly.

Led by Wall and other choir teachers, the assembly was filled with many songs and activities as a music sheet is full of notes. The children were taught a vibrant variety of songs including: “Ghost Ship”, “Thoughts of Home” and “Above the Plain”, PRHS Advanced Choir also helped during the assembly to make sure the kids had fun.

Jacob Bausch smiles with Bearcat pride in front of the Drama Department.

It was challenging, but really fun! I saw one of my buddies from Peterson in peer last year. He gave me a hug, that was really cool. I almost started crying seeing him having so much fun,” said Jacob Bausch, advanced choir singer and Senior class Treasurer. “I enjoyed getting to see kids go through an experience I had in elementary school that was really inspirational; I vividly remember the high school choir singing “My God is a Rock” when I went on a field trip to PRHS for choir in elementary school. Seeing them get to experience one of my fondest memories of elementary school was really touching and getting to be a part of that meant a whole lot to me.”

After singing tunes ranging on different octaves, the students left the gym smiling from ear to ear and with the memory of this musical experience.


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