Senior Trad Berti ran the mile in 4:10.55 at the New Balance Azusa Meet of Champions the weekend of March 25-26, rocketing him to 1st in the state and possibly 3rd in the nation. He has the fastest PRHS 1600m time in history with nearly a 10 second margin over past PRHS record holders.

“Easily the most exciting race I’ve experienced, a Hollywood-style race.  Trad was in last place at the end of the first lap, and he disappears from view during the 3rd lap as the camera just follows the leaders who had ‘gapped’ the field.  In the final 300 meters, Trad brings down the hammer and takes the lead in front of a stunned audience.  Huge upset. Trad has never finished in front of Callum. It’s what sports and athletics are all about,” wrote track and field coach Jon-Paul Ewing.

This was also Berti’s personal record, with a previous time of 4:16 earning Berti a spot at the race. Berti was previously ranked 10th in the nation for his mile time.

Watch for a color commentary about the race with Berti later this week.


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