What Do You See in The Mirror?

Some teenagers in our society experience horrible–but also positive and healthy–body images of themselves or what they should look like.

In our survey “What do you see in the mirror?” 36 students replied. We asked “Are you happy with your appearance and 55.6% answered yes, and 44.4% answered no. The classes that responded were 72.2% Freshman, 19.4% Sophomore, 5.6% Junior, 2.8% Senior. 

For the question “What do you have to say to others who are insecure?” a female sophomore reflected: 

“It is extremely challenging for one to be self confident and feel secure about their face and bodies, but you have to remember that this is your body, the body that you will have for your entire lifetime and that you have to treat it with care. You are the only person that can treat your body the way it needs to be treated so make sure to treat it with love and respect. Show yourself the love you deserve and slay your beautiful imperfections. We’re not perfect, we’re all different, we’re simply human and that in itself makes us beautiful.”


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