Non-PRHS student drives car through Niblick fence

A non-PRHS student was on campus and drove through the Niblick fence February 22, 2017. Assistant principal Tom Harrington stated that the student was on campus for unknown reasons, and then proceeded to drive their vehicle through the fence. She fled from the scene on foot, according to witnesses.

Paso Robles authorities were contacted immediately and the student was left to the responsibility of PRPD. 

Harrington assured everyone that the fence should be fixed soon, possibly by Feb. 24.

Sources close to the driver say the accident was caused due to a personal dispute, apparently having ended a relationship with a PRHS student. Sources also said that the driver thought she was in reverse, but was in fact in drive.

The photo above was taken by an eyewitness of the incident.

View the full extent of the damage caused here:

Photo credit to Camden Tucker and Marie Perez

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