Joe Ontiveros’ “Tools to Success”

Joe Ontiveros, entrepreneur and owner of Joe’s Place, shares the skills needed to succeed in life

Self-employed business owner Joe Ontiveros spoke out at tutorial in Bearcat Hall about the skills needed to succeed in nearly anything.

Over the hour, Ontiveros delved into his childhood, his work history, and how he came to acquire his life skills. Some of the skills he shared with the crowded room included knowing how to do basic math, knowing how to handle money, treating your body well, and being polite and friendly.

Ontiveros spoke about how restaurants are the number one failing businesses in America, but he persevered through the losing percentages to do what he loved the most.

“To the people that tell me I’m going to fail: you’re in big trouble, because I can do anything,” Ontiveros said.

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