Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling put on a beautiful display in La La Land

The usual rush hour LA traffic jam is underway, but this time it is not the usual jam, full of honking horns and frustrated yells. This time it is “Another Day of Sun,” and every talented person in the city seems to be in one place with a giant flash mob musical number underway. La La Land’s opening scene is already a test as to whether my generation can handle an old-timey musical, full of random song and dance numbers and struggling talents.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling could not be casted better. Mia, a strong actress reaching for fame, and Sebastian, a mopy pianist trying to save jazz, are a perfect combination. On their hard

There are a number of full scale musical number throughout the movie. Here Mia and Seb tap dance to “A Lovely Night” and their relationship beings.

journey to fame, the pair come upon each other on a not so glamorous night.

Sebastian perfectly personifies the picky, hipster musician trying to revive jazz, but when the chance for fame and fortune comes along, he sells out and pursues a career of pop-jazz. Mia goes in the opposite direction, instead of continuing on the constant flow of big production Hollywood auditions, she decides to take a chance and go out on her own with a one woman play.

The sets capture old L.A., and bring you back a time when Hollywood was thriving. Vivid, colorful murals and the rare way of filming make you know that director Damien Chazelle knew what he was doing. Apparently the Hollywood Foreign Press Association thought so too after La La Land won all seven of the Golden Globes it was up for.
La La Land appeals to more than just the eyes though; it speaks to heart. Although there is a fairytale feel throughout the movie, the leading conflict is relatable. Mia and Seb feel what brought them together slowly tear them apart as they have to choose between love and career. This ancient conflict leads to an oddly satisfying and tearjerker ending that you are going to have to see for yourself.

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