Crimson Reporter Aiden Kerr scoured campus asking a single question: What did you do over break?


  • Bill Martinez, 9
    "I went to Palm Springs"
  • Amanda Bennett, 12, and Trinity Soonthornbhesaj, 12
    "We both just slept in"
  • Fanny Adler, 9, Roselina Luera, 9, and Carra Ford, 9
    "I just moved to Paso Robles from Austria." - Adler. "I took a trip to Disneyland." - Ford. "I moved houses." - Luera.
  • Aniah Weaks, 11
    "I visited family and went to North Carolina"
  • Jerimiah Coleman, 9
    "I went to Hume Lake, even though it rained while I was there."
  • Seyiquo Matthews, 9
    "I spent Christmas with my sister."
  • Jared Eiden, 9
    "I spent the holidays at my aunt's house."

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