As the electors finally cast the presidential ballots on Dec. 19th, Crimson Reporter Mason Seden-Hansen hits the quad to find how bearcats feel about the electoral results.

To view a summary of some of the important propositions and measures that passed on Nov. 8, click here.


  • Chris Kyle, 9
    “ I don’t really care about [the election] because if I go with Trump, I’ll get yelled at, if I go with Hillary, I’ll get yelled at.
  • Caelen Casa, 9
    “I like [Trump’s] plan with ISIS, Obama wouldn’t do anything. I [like] his stance enforcement. When there was a shooting, gave the [family] condolences. [a] factor that creates a great president.”
  • Mason O' Leary, 11
    “I think out of the two, [Trump] was the better option...I’m hoping for peace, that there will be a stable transition.”
  • Maddison Daniels, 9
    “Good Job America!”
  • Lauren Alvarez, 10
    “I don’t have an opinion”
  • Vincent Sclimenti, 12
    “The last time Hillary was put in charge, it didn’t go well. I’m glad she’s not in the white house
  • Carlos Zaragoz, 9
    "[The results were] all right. Trump sucks but they both suck. We’ll see how it goes."
  • Kaden Roth, 9
    “Go Trump!”
  • John Majestic, 11
    "Prop 420 for real!"
  • Kara Bullard, 12
    “I have high hopes for America”

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