The Hands Across the Border project exemplifies Bearcat spirit

Hands Across the Border, a new program at PRHS, is gathering supplies from the Bearcat community to send to the Door of Faith Orphanage in Ensenada, Baja California. Items such as canned food, toiletries, cleaning products and school supplies are welcome and can be turned in to the Front Office or Room 104 by Dec. 14.

“We’ve been really surprised by the amount of students and teachers and people that just want to help out,” said government teacher Geoffrey Land, whose period five senior class chose this charitable act as their “Worthy Cause” project. The project was proposed by senior Tatum Van Horn, who plans to deliver the supplies in person during spring break.

“I’ve been down there four times and help the children at the orphanage have the normal life they deserve,” said Van Horn.  Other ideas includes writing letters to veterans, helping with the Bearkittens class, and as implemented one year ago, refillable water stations.

As of Dec. 2, over 500 items were donated, including food, baby supplies, and books. The items are planned for delivery in the spring by several students traveling for a missionary trip to the orphanage. The program is comprised of Land’s government students, who plan on continuing this project in future years.

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