Crimson staff member Lindsay Darbyshire roams around campus, asking: “Who would star as you in the movie about your life?” 

  • Chelcy Salvador, Sophomore
    "Ellen DeGeneres"
  • Tanner Nelson, Junior
    "James Franco"
  • Jory De Santos, Sophomore
    "Jonah Hill"
  • Paige Autry, Sophomore
    "Amy Schumer"
  • Tristion Lara, Sophomore
    "Andrew Garfield"
  • Zoey Daniels, Sophomore
    "Emma Stone"
  • Wil Goldanner, Freshman
    "Tom Cruise"
  • Shane Shupp, Sophomore
    "Johnny Depp"
  • Kayla Hernandez, Sophomore
    "Sandra Bullock"
  • Gabe Gomez, Sophomore
    "Marilyn Manson"
  • Jayden Loewen, Sophomore
    "Kobe Bryant"

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