You may be one of 6.2 million people on Instagram that follow Humans of New York, a page where journalist Brandon Stanton story tells a person with a photo and quote. If you are, you probably are excited when you see one of his posts on your feed. This blog is really popular because it helps humanize people. Showing everyone that everybody has a story to tell. We loved the reason behind the project so we wanted to do the same thing in our community, and we did.


  • “I came from the Philippines, and I went back after 30 years to see my family. My mom and dad were crying when they saw me. We went back again two years later from the first time with my kids who are 24 and 27 and my mom was in tears, because that was the first time she saw my kids.”
  • "I want to be a lot of things when I grow up but one of them is to be a person that makes cars."
  • “I love my job. I love helping customers. I started being a chef fifteen years ago in New York City as just a small job, and now it’s my passion. The people here are very different, but in a good way.”
  • "I had Polio when I was three years old The doctors told my parents I would never walk. I had an operation where they put a brace on my legs, I was in and out of the hospital for the first sixteen years of my life; they paid for all of my expenses. They got me up and walking.
  • I'm trying to figure out where I am going to go in my sports. I can either go soccer or continue to go to the gym six days a week and put on weight. I have already put on 31 pounds."
  • “In 2011, I was on the freeway and there was this heat in the back of my truck. Somebody was going 70 miles per hour and they weren’t paying attention. You could probably guess what happened. Now my left side including my shoulder, back, and leg doesn’t work that well.”
  • "My father was a vet and I loved horses. I used to go on house calls with my dad where there were cows and horses, and I used to get to rides the horses."
  • “I watched my mother die. She had a stroke on Mothers’ Day. She knew the Creator of the Universe, so she’s in Heaven right now. I miss her, but it comforts me that she will live forever now.”
  • “After the election we were horrified. Just disbelief. I think it is crucial that different generations communicate, because there is a lot of wisdom in the older generations having been through really disturbing presidencies before. I want to talk to the elders and find out how the hell they made it through Nixon, Reagan, or the Bushes.”
  • I’m a 100 years old.  I’ve been here for 16 years, I’ve been in California for 64 years from Yukaipa, Massachusetts.  My son must be now 66.  I met my husband back east, he didn’t have a mother so his father was the one taking care of him and his sister and he stayed out here 9-10 years then went back in WW2 to see his dad.  And that’s how we met when he came back.  I’ve been here so long I feel like a native.
  • One time, I almost fell off my mom’s roof when I was four because I found a way to climb up there on slippery boots. I would have fallen off if it wasn't for my mom who saw me through the window-my shadow- and thought I was a burglar and called 911, and then she yanked the curtain open and grabbed me inside.
  • I was diagnosed with diabetes in fifth grade and a year later I was diagnosed with celiac and I’m dealing with it for the rest of my life.
  • One time, it was my birthday and my parents made me ice cream cake. They put it in the freezer and when we took it out, it was still hard but we didn't know that. My brother slammed my face into the cake-and my tooth was wobbly so it fell out.
  • I played competitive golf when I was young and competed against Tiger Woods.
  • Last night I got my tongue pierced for the second time. It didn’t hurt as bad as people said it would.
  • "Two years ago right before Christmas I had a really bad case of appendicitis and ended up in the hospital for twelve days, and almost died. Christmas was very hard that year and she was there for me. That was a very difficult memory, but also a very fond one." "He makes an awesome thin Santa."
  • "My happiest memory from Christmas is when I was five and had Measles and I was finally well enough to enjoy Santa Clause."


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