Principal Martinez: “I Have a Dream…”

Eric Martinez’s vision comes to light through PRHS students and staff

In the two-and-a-half months he has lived and worked in Paso Robles, Principal Eric Martinez already has a good impression on the town, with its appeal of community wide support, proximal beaches and “a lot of good food.”

But now, as principal of PRHS, the UC Santa Barbara graduate hopes to set some good impressions of his own through students and staff, achieving newly set goals for the welfare of the school and, in turn, campus environment.

Now in his fifth year in the field of administration, prior to his current post as assistant principal at both Sanger HS and Bullard HS, Martinez has already noticed admirable qualities of PRHS.

“My initial thoughts were it was going to be a great place to be, a lot of fun, a lot of excitement, but also a lot of resources to help us continue to improve and get better every day… both academically as well as culturally,” Martinez remarked.

PRHS students and staff have been exceptionally well represented from Martinez’s point of view, as he looks forward to working with them in the current school year.

“The kids have been great,” Martinez said, “All the kids I’ve run into have been very respectful, the teachers have been outstanding – there [are] a lot of great teachers with a lot of real world experience – and they’re able to bring that experience back into the classroom.”

Along with the compatibility of students, Martinez is especially pleased with the work ability of administrative staff, as they work hand in hand to run the high school in all of its various aspects, beginning early on in the summer to outline the plan for the upcoming school year.

“I think we have a good balance,” Martinez said. “We have a lot of strengths that others have some area to grow, and so I think we balance each other out pretty well.”

Taking into account the good qualities students and staff already possess, Martinez hopes to further improve campus life, continuing the reputation PRHS has for being top 2350 in the nation and 449th in California, building upon foundations laid in previous years.

“In the next year, I really want to continue to build upon our culture piece,” Martinez said. “I know Mr. Overton, Mrs. Bedrosian, Mrs. Goodnow with Link Crew. They’ve done a lot as far as including more kids to be a part of the school, and so I’d like that to continue.”

In addition, Martinez aspires to continue educational opportunity for students, working together collaboratively with teachers to increase the level of rigor in class, the end goal to be “the most outstanding high school not only in the county but also in the state.”

Martinez endorses the “5 Star Student” program, used as a hard-number collector, obtaining data on what students are and aren’t involved in, in order to improve administrative decisions regarding student life. The program, able to barcode club attendance among other features, should help the events that attract the most interest, and add new events students are likely to be involved in.

“It really helps us make our decisions based upon data and hard numbers, not just based upon what we think,” Martinez said. “We’re really trying to use that to increase school spirit, get more students going to certain events, and really just to get them more involved in the overall comprehensive activities the school has to offer.”

Martinez’s goal is aimed toward the motto of being a “district of excellence”, taking it a step farther as a “school of excellence.”

“We want to ensure that when people hear Paso Robles High School, they already think great things about it; I want them to think ‘Wow, they continue to raise the bar of expectations,’” Martinez said. “I want this to be a place where we’re pulling kids from other districts because they want to be here.”

Martinez’s principalship follows seven months of interim principal duties from Director of Secondary Schools Jen Gaviola.



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