Cuesta College update approved

Cuesta summer classes now must be taken in two parts

The North County Cuesta campus is now offering many summer classes in two parts in order to receive full credits for a school year.  The two part update is to ensure that students will learn all that they need to know for both semesters.  The list of summer classes, along with which classes will be split into two parts, will be released in April 2017, but one example of a summer course offered with A and B is US History, according to the college and career counselor for seniors at PRHS, Heather Gillis.

Students like sophomore Taniya Asberry, who took Modern World History (MWH), were not worried about the update because “It didn’t affect me too much because I didn’t have anything to do [over the summer].”

“I think it’s fine. Having classes divided into part A before lunch and part B after lunch seems practical. I still don’t understand why we had to be there for so long if we learned so little,” said sophomore Kate Reupold.

“I guess it makes sense to do more to get a full years credit.  It’s not stupid, it’s logical,”  Freshman Estey Boling said.

Sophomore Reese Brumley said, “It should (remain permanent).”

However, some students found faults in the update.

“Not every student has the same pace, I wanted to stay but some students…. They have a more stressful life than me. I’m not sure if (the update) should stay,” sophomore Chelcy Salvador said.

“It was a joke really,” said sophomore Maya Cortez, who felt that the students didn’t learn anything in that extra time.  “I feel like it should have been just one (part).”




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