–Or, the NEW Breakfast Club, that is.

The jock, the princess, the brains, the criminal, and the basket case.

We have all heard the stereotypes from the Breakfast Club, the iconic movie that showed us that their labels are not their identities. And like Bryan says in the last two minutes of the movie, “People see you how they want to see you.”

But our Breakfast Club is made of people not mascots. This month, we’d like you to see with fresh eyes the principal, the ASB president, the foreign exchange student, and the new teacher. Everyone has a unique story to tell and deserves to be more than the stereotype.

  • Sara Diaz: All the way from Alcorcon, Spain
  • Coach Loney: Cheering her way into Paso
  • The Presidents: 7 Questions from the class of 2017
  • Principal Martinez: “I Have a Dream…”

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