The new mobile game has hit the market and is thoroughly astonishing everyone


Pokemon Go attractions located in the San Luis Obispo area. Follow the link to learn more!

This new augmented reality (AR), an in game mode that uses physical location within the game,  based on the popular franchise, Pokemon, “is making waves” across social media for the amount of beneficial things arising from it. It seemed like in a matter of days entire communities of people were out and walking around in unity and peace. Reports of people who had struggled to lose weight, finally making progress are being talked about across social media with multiple articles dedicated to it. The average amount of days to lose a pound while playing Go, with the lowest at 3 for males and 3.5 for women according to Indy100. I myself lost a few pounds, while grinding the pavement searching for Pokemon.


Beige Grassotti

Pokemon Go player and senior Beige Grassotti stated that it was “seriously the biggest, greatest game I’ve ever seen. No other game has come close to achieving what this has done. I’m amazed.”

Although Go has many upstanding and amazing benefits, it has caused its fair share of problems. Due to the exploratory nature of this game, trespassing has been on the high. Enough so that the creators had to issue a reminder in game to not trespass. To make matters worse Go has caused players to unintentionally disrespect memorial sites by using the AR function and catching Pokemon at the sites. The Holocaust museum is a prime example with multiple Pokemon seen and caught there, resulting in a social uproar. “Its extremely disrespectful and invasive” said senior Ricardo Bolanso, “People are trespassing and making a mockery of historical sights, I’m not a fan.”



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