2016 Homecoming campaign will make donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their main mission

Selfies, Instagram,and Twitter accounts are ideal platforms for teen narcissism and the infamous self centeredness of the millennial generation. Their inconsequential activities has created a new era of stereotypes. The Boston Globe has called millennials “A generation of idle trophy kids,” whereas Joel Stein from Time touted them as  “The Me Me Me Generation.” Perhaps the harshest criticism comes from the Medium, with “Millennials are terrible people.”

Interestingly enough, these lobbed insults may not be too far off the mark. The average millennial will take approximately 25,700 selfies in their lifetime, according to the International Business Times. It’s not just Generation X stereotyping the younger generation. A survey by the U.K. based Daily Mail showed over 59 percent of millennials call their own generation “self-absorbed.” It seems everyone agrees that millennials are selfish.

Millennials also like to make a stand. Sometimes the best antidote to breaking a stereotype is, simply put: break a stereotype.  The PRHS 2016 Homecoming theme is a prime example of how millennials are taking a selfless stand.

The 2016-2017 Leadership class, headed by ASB President Josh Dewhurst, has shattered this stereotype with a fresh project idea for Homecoming instead of the status quo. During the week of Homecoming, October 3-7, Dewhurst plans to collect donations to give to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Leadership will sell t-shirts for $10, put on different fundraising activities, and solicit the community to reach their goal of at least $7,500.

This campus will experience a constructive, ethical flavor of Homecoming that truly gives back to the community and to humanity. It’s a beautiful thing, and well done, Leadership Class.

Crimson Newsmagazine was inspired by the example of this selfless act we want to join the movement. In our November issue, we will go in-depth about how Homecoming changed the game for students and encouraged them to be selfless throughout the entirety of the school year. We’ll also take a look at standout Bearcats who symbolize the selfless nature of the younger generation. In each issue we will look to highlight the best and brightest stars in our millennial community.

And Crimson Newsmagazine is dedicated to the showcasing this group, selfies and all.

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