Ron Daniels visits PRHS

Ron Daniels, one of the founders of Daniels Wood Land Inc,  visited PRHS Sept. 8 during tutorial to give a seminar to aspiring Bearcats.

Daniels attended PRHS, and, according to teacher PE teacher Brian Kerr, he was “the best thing to happen to the wood-shop class.”

Daniels took his craftsman skill to found a company with his brother,  John Daniels.  Daniels’ company built a wide array of unique structures from playgrounds to shooting galleries.  Daniels has built structures all across the world, including one at the mid-state fair, Bravo Farms in Kettleman, CA, and a robot that traveled around the world.

Despite the many struggles and hardship that come with his path in life, Daniels said he’s happy his decision.  “When you do hard things, you become bigger and better than you are,” said Daniels.

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