English and math tutoring offered in the career center

“In a world where kids don’t know about math and English…” This is the beginning to a video put together by English teacher Aaron Cantrell and Pre-Calculus teacher Ted Wagner, two teachers coming together in a collaborated effort to better the education of students struggling in the areas of math and English.

“I’ve noticed a need for a lab like this almost since I’ve started teaching,” Wagner said, who has now been teaching for 20 years, “there’s always been a need.”

Meeting in the career center from 3-4 p.m. after school, Wagner and Cantrell have been working to fulfill that need, along with the occasional student tutor.

“Definitely, the interest is growing” Wagner said, “even just in these last few days there’s been more than we’ve had (previously).” Growing from 2-3 students to 7-8 students within a week, students are beginning to see the appeal.

“What I have noticed is in those students who have come have gotten better scores on tests, for example.” Wagner said, who anticipates class wide and, by extension, school wide improvement by the end of the year.


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