Haley Janzer takes the helm as head coach for varsity softball

The yellow ball hits the composite bat and a “bunk” sounds across the softball field. The three and a half inch diameter ball soars over the Morro Bay pitcher’s head and cheers erupt all around the softball field. It’s another fruitful inning in the 6-0 Bearcat win on Tuesday, March 1 and a sign of the difference new head coach Haley Janzer is making with her 13 girl squad.

The ‘Cats win was a successful season opener for the players and Janzer, coach and teacher from Fresno City College who after her seventh season coaching the Rams came to be a Bearcat.

“I love getting to know the girls and… what makes them tick and developing them as well rounded people and not just as good catchers or pitchers, but the nitty-gritty of them,” the new coach said.

She was recommended to the job by athletic director Rich Clayton. Janzer and her four person coaching staff Tiffany Rede, Heather Gillis, and Lisa Tibbetts have been with the  Lady Bearcats since August 2015. This coaching staff replaced last year’s staff after seven year coach Valerie Reynolds left Bearcat country.

“When a head coach comes, they pick their own coaching staff. Val was here for five, six years so she had her own coaching staff, and they left with her. They didn’t follow her, they just didn’t come back,” JV assistant coach alumni Danielle Lambert said.

“It’s gonna be a positive change and we are going to get a lot more experience out of it and not something you dread everyday,” sophomore starting catcher Jasmine Smiley said.

After last years 13-10 season total and a PAC-7 7-5 total, the varsity girls were tied in fourth place with their rivals, the Atascadero Greyhounds. With eight returners, the Bearcats are feeling comfortable with this season’s predicted outcome.

“We are going to do how we usually do. We are gonna work like a team together, enjoy it more, and have fun,” Senior starting third baseman Chloe Kerns said.

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