A class for the parents of Paso Robles High School students will be offered starting this month

Paso Robles High School will now be offering a class called Parent Institute for Quality Education, or PIQE, for Bearcat parents that may help students get accepted into at least one of the California State Universities as long as graduation requirements are met. This is a nine week course that will meet every Tuesday and includes child care starting on March 8, 2016 from 6:00-7:30. By the end of this class parents will be able to better understand the high school system, identify classes that are part of the “4 Year Plan,” recognize the importance of grades and a good GPA, review important requirements and programs, discuss higher education options, and identify different financial aid options. It doesn’t just help the parents with their child’s high school education, but it may greatly affect their child’s education and life after high school.

“[The parent’s] student will receive a certificate that does not automatically grant them acceptance into a CSU, but it says every effort will be made to grant your child acceptance into one of the 23 CSUs,” Deputy Principal Erin Haley said.

Haley has previous experience with this class and has seen the positive effects.

“Parents didn’t really know anything about the requirements for college, A-Gs, how to read a transcript, how a GPA is calculated, or financial aid,” Haley said.

By the end of this course parents will know all of these things and they will be able to confidently help their child through the high school process leading up to senior year and the application process.


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