When President Obama was elected in 2008, some people began to believe America was becoming a post-racial society. Now, this is clearly not the case. With things like police violence in some parts of America towards African-Americans and the popular support of Donald Trump— a presidential candidate who makes absolutely no effort to hide his racist opinions— it is obvious that racial tensions are still alive in America. It seems that the election of an African-American president did not move America away from its long history of bigotry. Rather, it pushed those who are racist to be more open about and it certainly angered a lot of people.

With Hillary Clinton as the democratic frontrunner, it’s possible we may have a female president in 2016. But is America ready for this new development? Will the election of a female President result in a similar, more open assault on women like what has occurred towards minorities since the election of our first African-American president? Hillary Clinton’s election could bring sexist opinions out into the open in America.

Women’s rights already are being besieged by many politicians. Ted Cruz voted against amendments to a law which would allow for more funds into the investigation of violent assaults on women. Media respect for women is also very low. Donald Trump said “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] writes as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of a*s,” according to The Huffington Post. It isn’t that hard to believe that the election of a female president might fan the flame of this open resistance to change. Already, a cultural backlash among misogynists is occurring due to women beginning to become more empowered and taking a much more prominent role in today’s society.

Within America, there have always been people fighting against social change. There have always been people fighting against any sort of cultural shift that occurs. The abolitionist movement was resisted harshly, the civil rights movement was resisted harshly. Groups in power are rarely open to change that questions their ultimate authority, and the current example is white males fighting against other groups to maintain their power. The fact that people will fight against the equality of groups unlike themselves, particularly based on race or gender, should not deter people from pushing for change. Gandhi once said, “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” The fact that the election of a female president, a huge step forward for women’s rights and equality, might cause hostility towards women should not deter people from making steps towards equality. Many women have already suffered violence at the hands of men. If Hillary Clinton is elected, we all need to protect our country against a backlash against women.

So while some Americans may not be, America is ready for a female president. In fact, America has been waiting for a very long time.

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