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As the 2016 election nears, people start asking “Who would you vote for?” The next time you are asked this, you shouldn’t say “Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton has had jobs from an Alaskan fish cleaner to the Secretary of State, and in all of them she has left a trail of disaster.

The Skimm asked what prepared Clinton for the job as the President of the United States, she replied, “One of the best jobs I had to prepare me to be president was sliming fish in Alaska.” Hillary got fired in the 80s from that same job after a week for being too slow. How can scraping the internal organs of salmon out even help you in the Oval Office? The answer: it won’t.

Student voices- conThe most known of her mistakes was when she used a private server to receive classified emails. Her decision violated Federal laws of record keeping. She deleted over 32,000 emails which she deemed private, also unlawful because no other qualified person deemed them private.

During a September 2012 protest in Libya an American Diplomatic Compound and a CIA annex less than a mile away were both attacked. These attacks were caused because Islamic peoples were protesting against a movie called Innocence of a Muslim which included anti-Islamic material, and in the heat of the moment militias attacked the American compounds. These attacks left four Americans dead including US Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The compounds could have been defended and the death of the Ambassador could have been prevented if the bases had a higher level of security.

The person in charge of such security measures is the Secretary of State, at the time Hillary Clinton. She denied the compounds request of more men to secure the compound before the attacks took place. If she can’t even say yes to higher defenses to a base in a dangerous area how will we be able to trust her to make critical decisions if we are in battle under her term as President.

Hillary Clinton has said countless times “isn’t it time we have a woman for president”. She’s right and wrong with that statement; she’s right because there should be a woman in the Oval Office, but she is absolutely wrong if she thinks it should be her. We shouldn’t be voting on someone just because of their gender, we’ve got to look at what they want for this country. Being a woman isn’t going to help you to be president it’s just going to make you a woman president. That’s all. Nothing more. If your only reason for voting for Hillary Clinton is that she’s a girl then you are definitely voting for the wrong reason. A woman president would be a dream, but Hillary Clinton would be a nightmare.

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