A 3 to 22 ratio: Altogether a high achievement

On Saturday, Jan. 23, over one hundred of high-school musicians strode in Paulding Middle School, instruments in hand.  Pooling from the entire county, the San Luis Obispo County Band Directors Association had to choose 66 top-notch, high-school band students to perform in the prestigious construct that is Senior Honor Band. Nine out of those Sixty-six young prodigies currently attend Paso Robles High School. That means that 13.64% out of that 66 are Bearcats.

With seven chairs possible in the Flutes section, Junior Linnea Schaefer received Fifth Chair and Junior Shadi Frank attained Sixth Chair.

Senior Ryan Grinager got First Chair out of ten in the Clarinet division, while Senior Daniel Tibbetts scored First Chair for his audition with a Contra Bass Clarinet in the Bass Clarinet segment.

Junior Dylan Bourdon accomplished Third Chair for his performance with an Alto Saxophone, and Freshman Zander Passegger received Fourth Chair in the Alto Saxophones.

As Senior Isabella Marziello slides into Fourth Chair of the Trombones, Freshman Dylan Smith acquired  Fifth Chair in the French Horn section of the Senior Honor band. And, finally, Senior Emily Nichols procured Second Chair for playing her Tuba.

Their main performance, alongside with the other 57 remaining contestants, will be Wednesday, Feb 17 at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center (PAC) at 7:00 p.m.. The cost of one admission ticket is ten dollars, and can be bought via pre sale order form, and at the band’s rehearsals, of which there will be 5 five for a total of 18 hours worth of practice.

These nine are the last for the 2016 season, but not the least for PRHS’ future, of that we can all be sure, or hope for.

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