Curious photographer Raegan Lomanto roams the halls of Paso High, asking Bearcats this big question.

  • Lauren Darbyshire, Sophomore
    "Carry on my Wayward Son."
  • Cera Whillhite, Sophomore
    "Elizabeth the Third be safe."
  • Emalee Gott, Sophomore
    "There's a million dollars in--"
  • Savanna Nichols, Freshman
    "I'm holding in a fart."
  • Garrett Duren, Sophomore
    "Well, at least I tried."
  • Jonathan Aparicio, Senior
    "I wish I had six..."
  • Dustin Eckert, Senior
    "My life has been okay."
  • Emma Osborne, Sophomore
    "Ron is my spirit animal."
  • Trevor Murray, Sophomore
    "Prometheus shows you the ropes."
  • Wyatt Foote, Sophomore
    "It didn't come soon enough!"


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